Looking for a Speaker who Knows What She’s Talking About?

Want your audience Entertained, Motivated, Inspired, Educated, Excited?

Your best choice?  Marketing Creatives’ Janie Hewson.

Janie Hewson leads workshops and seminars with outstanding participant results. Listed here are some favorites. She has her own library of topics and takes suggestions from organizations needing to inspire, motivate and educate their memberships.

Marketing is A Contact Sport! Hewson’s Signature Workshop. Marketing is all about building relationships and this one is all about understanding how the game works, learning skills to play well and making plans to "play to win."

Survive and Thrive – Tools and Tips for Emerging Strong in a Wildly Changing Marketplace. THE workshop and seminar to deal with the Great Recession. Full of action steps and cool tools for doing business, thinking positively and staying in the game.

Grow Your Business – BIG, FAST, BETTER This seminar pumped its audience with the possibilities for getting business that builds profit, moves quickly and delivers great content.

The Show Must Go On – Show Up, Show Off, Show Down A seminar that coupled all we know about making work “happen”, this one featured the power of great creative,  how it markets itself and what a business can do to multiply their effectiveness to get new business.

Janie Hewson is a powerful speaker. Her style is real and pulls no punches. She is a person who tells the audience what many others can only hint about. She has developed a number of courses that build her clientale in information, knowledge and marketing/sales skills.

Skill Builders: Monthly lectures on topics ranging from “understanding what my brand is” to “how do I get a rep/make a great pitch/follow-up” and much more.

Marketing Madness: Once-in-awhile, drop-in meetings with a topic and lecture, plus attendee discussion/contributions and a delicious meal.

Marketing Creatives Workshops: For those who want more information in concentrated doses -- these are workshops delivered seasonally, to instruct, educate, motivate, inspire and move to action entrepreneurial businesses.

Janie Hewson is celebrated for her “bootcamp” style of disseminating information. Hewson is most remembered for delivering the "truth" about the world of creative in no uncertain terms.  She refuses to sweeten the picture.  And still, when you feel overwhelmed by what awaits a creative entrepreneur (at any stage,) she picks you up, dusts you off and revels in your talent and it's chance to be seen, remembered and bought.  She has taught university classes in Marketing and Communications to Photographers, Filmmakers, Graphic Designers and Visual Journalists. Hewson presents the bad, scary and dangerous first, then soothes and builds a plan to be a success. Sometimes it's hard to believe she was voted, "Teacher of the Year!"