Time to Strut Your Stuff?

Time is moving fast. Will you spend the next five, six, twelve months doing more of the same old, same old?

Do you have the Resources, Courage, Stamina and Passion to "Strut Your Stuff?"

  • Resources:  Yup, it takes some cash to create and grow a business. Some people love finding the one-in-a-million example of success that "just happened" with no resources — good luck waiting around for that to happen to you. Or, you can gather your resources and begin a PLANNED march towards building the business you want.
  • Courage:  You must persist in your pursuit of your goals, even when it terrifies you. Believe in yourself, your talent, your plan, your research, your understanding of your market — and you'll make real progress towards being seen and remembered. Courage is necessary, and there's no magic potion to acquire it. You must believe, first and strongest, while your audience learns to love you.
  • Stamina:  Here's the grown-up part. No more burning the proverbial candle at both ends.  You need to be healthy for the long haul. You need to eat well, sleep well and stay strong. You need to stay happy while spending your courage and resources. You must learn to manage you so you can stay in the game. Think of this as a marathon with periodic sprints. Do you have the strength and stamina to cross that finish line?
  • Passion:  Ah, most creatives start their careers screaming, "I'm so passionate about my work! I have so much passion!" Unfortunately, nothing kills passion faster than poverty. You must protect your passion by building your great idea into a strong, smart business. Give it form with a strong foundation, vision, goals and follow-up.

It's time for you to partner with Marketing Creatives, get a Custom Plan and "Strut Your Stuff!"

There are NO guarantees in this business, but your best chance for success lies with strong, custom consultation that builds your skills and keeps you accountable to your goals. Your first step is creating a step-by-step PLAN.

Image Credit: Creative Commons - Flickr user kenfagerdotcom