What’s Your Excuse?

IMAGE CREDIT: Creative Commons - Negative Space via Unsplash

IMAGE CREDIT: Creative Commons - Negative Space via Unsplash

Here are 5 of the Most Over Used Excuses and a little talk about how they help keep business away.

Are you spending hours describing, passionately, to others how hard you work, how much you work and how it is just NOT WORKING?

1. There are not enough hours in the day for all the work I need to do.

We are all constrained by 24/7 and yet some people manage to lead the world, save lives, be rock stars.  There are enough hours -- you just need to figure out how to use them to make your dreams into reality.  A step-by-step Plan eliminates the wonder of what to do to get what you want.  The Plan takes time to create and everyday you don't have a Plan you don't have enough hours.  Get a Plan and make 24/7 work for you.

2. I can never reach anyone and, if by a miracle I do, they don’t want to see me or talk to me.

You can be sure that most people don't hate you -- at least, not yet!  They don't answer because they are working.  Therefore if you get great at leaving fun, friendly and effective voicemails you will "lift" their busy day and make them glad they listened.  If you do reach them, they probably still don't really WANT to speak with you, so make your conversation a welcome "relief" in an overwhelming day.  Script it, practice it and keep calling.

3. People say they love my work but never call to use me.

Most people who say they "love" your work are not lying.  They can be genuinely moved by your work and choose to not buy you.  The work of being Seen is first, then you must be Remembered and finally, you must use sales skills to be Bought. If you create a strong Plan to make all three - Be Seen, Be Remembered, Be Bought - happen, over time you will be used when they have appropriate work.

4. I have already tried (insert YOUR excuse here) and it doesn’t work.

Negatively tying your success to failed options is for losers.  OK, it didn't work. But did you do something smart, that demonstrated your message, to the right market and deliver it the way they like?  Did you engage, over time, in being Seen and Remembered?  Here is where persistence and tenacity are required.  Ah, yes, "Rome was not built in a day......."

5. I am really talented and I just don’t know what to do.

Here lies the REAL problem for MOST creatives.  What should I be doing to get attention, to be remembered and how do I get the job? This is a complicated, ongoing need and it needs a Plan so you always know WHAT to do, WHEN, WHY and HOW.

Talk to me at Marketing Creatives.  Plans are our specialty.  Get yours started.