Finding Core Values

IMAGE CREDIT: Creative Commons - Lotte Löhr via Unsplash

IMAGE CREDIT: Creative Commons - Lotte Löhr via Unsplash

Here is a powerful exercise that simplifies getting to core values and learning how each person and business has a unique position in the world based on those values.

In marketing, it is More Important to be Different than to be Better.

To do this work, ask yourself:  What never changes about you, your work, your approach to any issue -- no matter what is happening in the world?

  • List 10 things that would be important to you and your well-being.
  • Describe how those things contribute to your well-being.
  • Prioritize each on their value to continuing to do your business.
  • Profile you and your business using these core values.

Writing this takes conscious thought and it requires you to do some critical thinking.  The act of putting it to paper makes it real and accessible in the future, for review, consideration and renewal.

Need help negotiating this exercise?  Most of us do.  Call Marketing Creatives.  This is our business and we can help you get to your Core Values, fast.