How to Ask for the Job

Creative Commons (Flickr: enriqueburgosgarcia)
Creative Commons (Flickr: enriqueburgosgarcia)

Don't just sit by the phone and pine away for the work you've been wanting. Now it's time to close the deal and ask for that job!

Your clients know you. You've been staying in touch with your existing clients and networking with potential clients. You know they've set their budgets for the year.

Clients love working with fun creatives, and will repeatedly hire someone they like. Treat your clients well and keep them coming back for more. Start the conversation with a friendly greeting and genuine interest in their perspective and process.

If you've worked with the client before, remind them of the work you've done together. Lay out for them all the benefits of hiring you, and what value you bring to your clients. Did you increase their business? Generate positive press? Make them look good to their bosses?

Get familiar with the latest news in your client's business or field. Do they have a new project coming up? A new competitor? Be proactive. Speak directly to their concerns, and clearly convey how hiring you can solve their problems.

When you're trying to sell yourself and your work to a client, don't be afraid to ask for the job. Sounds so easy when I write it but it feels lots more difficult. Only practice makes you better. Try it in the mirror, to a friend, to your dog!  Then call me and we'll "role play" it until you're an expert.

Speaking of asking for the business – let's do this work together together. It all starts with a PLAN.