Cultivate a Persistent Attitude

IMAGE CREDIT: Creative Commons - Flickr user katerha

IMAGE CREDIT: Creative Commons - Flickr user katerha

Cultivate a Willingness, Ability
and Attitude to stay in the game.

It takes GRIT to stay competitive.

Gorgeous work. 

Like an Olympic athlete, you must be constantly pushing yourself and your career to the next level. This means staying aware of new technologies, programs and techniques. It also means practicing your craft daily to keep your skills sharp.

Regular follow up. 

Keep that gorgeous work coming, and never stop trying to get eyes on your work. Use multiple channels, including email, calls, promotional mailers and social media to stay in front of the decision makers. Consistent and stunning communications will make you stand out from the crowd.

Intent to excel.

No one can make you want this. You need to be deeply committed to your work, and willing to do the work necessary to stay in the game. Make a PLAN and follow through with your intent. With this plan, a clear focus and a positive attitude, you can begin to achieve your dreams.

Tenacity to outlast the hard times.

The global economic downturn has meant challenges for businesses in almost every industry, and creative industries especially have felt the screws tightening. To survive difficult times and excel in good ones, you need a PLAN. Research all your revenue opportunities and revisit your strengths. Learn where to cut back and when to invest in your business.


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