Consistent. Persistent. Doing the Work.

IMAGE CREDIT: Creative Commons - Flickr user lensletter

IMAGE CREDIT: Creative Commons - Flickr user lensletter

Have you gotten so busy just "doing business" that you forgot to keep up with everything else?

This is our forever challenge.

Stay consistent.  Be persistent.  Do the work.

  • Building content -- making films, writing, shooting, illustrating, directing, whatever -- daily.
  • Building contacts -- seeing people, writing people, talking with people, attending industry events -- daily, weekly.
  • Building ideas -- free time to create, structured time to strategize and random times to be inspired.
  • Building promotions -- creating, launching and following up on getting Seen and Remembered.
  • Building relationships -- caring for clients by doing outstanding work, over-delivering and staying in-touch.
  • Building affiliations -- reaching out to individuals, companies and businesses with whom we can share contacts.

A Plan with step-by-step instructions is the only way to organize so much to do.

This step today, that step tomorrow.

Suddenly, looking back, we see that we were consistent, persistent and did the work.

Get your Plan.