Give Yourself the Gift of Independence

Self Reliance — What A Gift!

Most creative people who become entrepreneurs have spent a lifetime learning and perfecting their craft and talent. Yet most have not one iota of education on how to find their market or sell to them.

The most devastating part of this is that "the market" doesn't exist in any one place anymore. It is scattered and fickle and morphing. This is not your father's business. This is a moving stairway to all kinds of places, and there are so many new skills to develop. But which ones? How? From where? Do you go back to school? How do you keep money flowing while learning totally new ways to be?

When did being an entrepreneur become this difficult?!

Every piece of marketing information you need exists on the internet. The old, the new, the different. The classic, the innovative, the avant-garde – it's all out there and yours for the taking. So why are you NOT doing better? Why are you still "looking" for an answer that can make the difference for you and your business?

Without a real plan you are "flying blind." Right now, you are making decisions without any idea of what your long-term and short term goals are for your business. You are simply reacting to opportunities and challenges as they present themselves. This is not business – this is insanity.

Take the time to consider your hopes and dreams for your business – then build a step-by-step plan for making each desire a reality. This is not magic. It is work. It is thoughtfulness. It is a skill.

Many others marketing "gurus" out there will just tell you what to do, do it for you without explaining why or how anything works, or offer up copy-and-pasted ideas and leave you to figure out how to make it work for your unique business.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, disorganized and unfocused, Marketing Creatives offers the one thing that changes everything – a partner. A listening, hearing, teaching, launching partner. A partner that wants you independent, informed, incredible. A partner that can hear you, teach you and enable you to do it yourself.

Here's What You Don't Need...

  • Ideas without action.
  • Action without a plan.
  • Automation without strategy.
  • Marketing without customization.
  • Tools without teaching.

Here's What You Do Need...

  • You need a partner who can truly listen to you.
  • You need a partner who understands you and the business of business.
  • You need a partner who can translate to you what YOU need.
  • You need a partner who creates with you a plan that gives you direction, organization, focus.
  • You need a partner who, with you, builds your skills.
  • You need a partner who is willing to "launch" you to be your own marketing guru.

Make it yours. Get a Plan. Get a Partner.

Image Credit: Creative Commons - Flickr user asenat29