The Cobbler's Children Have No Shoes

Working ON my business

-- is SO much harder

than doing my business!

Having to learn a new way to think is really hard work.  And it is the New Normal for today's entrepreneurs.

Barely a day rushes by when I am not confronted with new technology, new tools and new requirements for "great business."   They continually appear in my inbox full of updates, newsletters and email blasts.

Sound familiar?  Of course it does.  It is what everyone of us faces, constantly.  I, too, am being forced to take my own advice!  It saves me from overwhelm but doesn't excuse me from the work of change.

Building strong strategies for getting clients, for keeping clients happy is not nearly as fun for me as doing the work with my clients.  For you, doing marketing is not nearly as fun, or as easy, as redoing your website, writing new songs, storyboarding new films or retouching images.

Like you, I love my business.  I love to speak with you and work on your career. Many nights, I dream of ideas that can transform your results.

And like you, when I feel overwhelmed with the need to get more clients, I develop new programs (for you it's new bodies of work!) instead of building relationships that make new clients.

It's easier, it's more fun and I'm better at it.

I didn't get into consulting because I love SEO, social media, tweeting and follow-up.  I got into this work because I love to create result changing strategies with my clients.  And I love to help my clients change their thinking about doing marketing.

But without a strong PLAN to get a steady stream of new clients, I don't have enough business and neither will you.