Social is the New Normal

IMAGE CREDIT: Creative Commons - Flickr user jasonahowie

IMAGE CREDIT: Creative Commons - Flickr user jasonahowie

The world of marketing is
undergoing a paradigm shift
to a social consciousness.

Get on Facebook, get on Twitter, get on LinkedIn, start a blog — get your social ON!

Marketing has always been about building relationships, and social media is just another way to cultivate and maintain relationships.

Because social media is a new tool, you need to understand it and use it well. When you use it for business, you need a strategy and a PLAN. Taking a year's view of your social media efforts makes you consistent and regular — two characteristics that matter the most. You need to get well-versed in the etiquette of each social medium so that you don't over or underwhelm your audience. And most important, you need your own voice to be authentic.

Really great use of social media is an art and a science. If the language of social media isn't your first language, get training and help.

Get involved and get connected.