Don't Be Silly – the Season Matters!

pool water

Advertisers use it. Schools use it. Doctors use it. Designers use it. Musicians use it. They all use a plan based on the seasons of the year.

Use the Seasons to help you market your creative work. It's smart and powerful. Working against it is futile. And ignoring it is just plain silly.

So learn the seasons, pay attention to what the world feels, thinks and does during each month, around each holiday and as we live, educate, celebrate, motivate, innovate and inspire ourselves throughout each year.

When you strategize – think seasons. When you create – think weather. When you promote – think calendar.

July. Besides celebrating the Birth of our Nation, this month is full of fun. Summer is here. Pools, beaches, laughter, light and fun. We Splash. We Play. For a month, the days are long and the sun is our friend. We eat watermelon and ice cream. We grill outside – burgers, dogs, pizzas.

August. The sun has overstayed it's welcome and now - it's downright HOT. But hot causes a slow down, a need for drink, for rest, for vacation. What better time for creating a hot new body of work? This work is sexy, smoldering and devastating. We can barely eat, it's so hot. Melon on the patio. Iced coffees in the mornings.

September. Ah, just after Labor Day – the reminder that labor is what the fall is all about. Squirrels are our models of activity. They are, of course, squirreling away their collected acorns. We've put our children back in school, we've returned from summer, put on serious shoes and are ready for amazing work. This tends to be the most productive time in our year. We pack lunches with sandwiches and chips and delicious apples. We mourn the last stone fruits.

October. When we get here, the light changes and the colors of the world change too. We think about a Plan for winter. We collect leaves. We get ready to be scary. Again, October is a huge month for work, uninterrupted until the very last day with Halloween. We make soup and bring a jacket. Recipes with pumpkins are everywhere.

November. Only a few more weeks to work and then the Pilgrim's Party – Thanksgiving. If you work freelance and most creatives do, work usually slows way down. Everyone around you thinks bounty and you are living lean.  Promote Gratitude. And PLAN ahead so you can join the thankfulness next year. You'll be making turkey, tofurky or turducken no matter what!

December. Party invites are in your mailbox and inbox. What to give your best clients is a huge question. Licking lots of stamps and sending cheery emails. Now is the time to  Celebrate. A good year. A great year. Eggnog, champagne and good cheer.

Wanting a better year? Get a PLAN to be extraordinary.