Buckle Up, Baby!

Welcome to the The Real Results Program Workbook. Here clients create a real plan for the first time or tweak their existing plan for more success. Using this workbook makes it easy.  OK, maybe not easy but definitely easier than without it!

Divided into 3 Phases, showing the road ahead, keeping you focused and accountable while building a winning custom plan with bite-sized Steps that lead to your success.

You will receive a password when it's time to move onto each phase.


Laying the ground work of who you are and what you look like to the world.

Go to PHASE 1 (password required)

Your Industry Past, Present & Future
Networking for Connections
Interviews of Heroes, Mentors and Leaders

Step 2 | WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE: The Creator
Artist Statement
Mission Statement
Historical Biography

Step 3 | WHO THEY SAY YOU ARE: The Brand
Branding: A Fun Description
Discover Your Difference

Creating Your Branding Position
Unique Selling Position (USP)

Step 4 | HOW YOU LOOK: The Identity
Definition of Identity
Do Identity Right - Not DIY
What's a Logo Got to do With it?
Choosing a Designer


Exploring the cost of you doing your business and what it takes to do it right.

Go to PHASE 2 (password required)

Step 5 | WHAT IT COSTS: The Expense
Getting Into Business
Staying In Business
Getting The Business

Step 6 | WHO'S YOUR MAMA NOW: The Market
Identify and Profile The Perfect Client
Finding and Reaching The Clients
Building Networks
Creating The Almighty Contact List

Step 7 | WHAT'S YOUR PLAN: The Strategy
Goal Setting

Creation of Your Custom ONE YEAR PLAN
Step-by-Step to Success


Putting it all together and putting your plan in motion to make it work for you.

Go to PHASE 3 (password required)

Step 8 | WHAT ARE YOUR TOOLS: The Materials
Promotional Campaigns

Resume, Letters, Proposals
Presentations, Pitches, Scripts

Step 9 | HOW TO PROMOTE: The Notice
The Emailer Blast Campaigns
In-Person Interviewing
Phone and Voice Mail Management
Dominating Your Social Media
Direct Mail Campaigns

Step 10 | HOW DO YOU GET THE JOB: The Sell
The Package Of You
Getting Appointments to Sell Yourself
Interviewing and Presenting Creative

All Important and Effective Follow Up