Your Blog is Not Your Diary

IMAGE CREDIT: Creative Commons - Flickr user generationbass

IMAGE CREDIT: Creative Commons - Flickr user generationbass

Too many blogs are a jumble of the person's musings -- vomit from the heart.Maybe there is something of value there but it stinks getting to it.

Consider This:
1.  Does your blog have a captivating title?
If it's your name, do we even know who you are and why you're worth our time? Could a title that engages our brain be a better way to get our attention and readership?  Could your title give us a clue about how you think, what you do, why reading you matters?
2.  Are your blog graphics compatible and coordinating with your website?
It's all about positioning your business to the world.  Keep consistent.  We really want to recognize you.
3.  Does your blog feel like we're talking with YOU?
This is the work for all of us.  Find your voice, recognize it's features and put it out there for your audience to know and enjoy.
4.  When you blog are you speaking to the wrong people?
Sometimes a sticky note attached to your screen helps us to remember who we're talking to -- when you speak to the right people, and use their language, they tend to listen better.
5.  Does your blog use Regular People Language or photo/film/writer speak?
Grab me.  Talk to me.  Make it real.
6.  Does your blog use amazing headlines that engage your viewers' brains?
We have so many messages coming at us, all day and all night.  You must get our attention with headlines that force our brain to think, wonder, swell and engage.  Put the time into learning how to create headlines.
7.  Can your blog be confused with any other?
Just another photographer?  Just another writer, painter, musician ... What's your difference from the others?
8.  Do you contribute regularly to your blog?
It is easy to get some entries up and stop talking to your audience.  But it's critical to keep the conversation going.  So sit down and write.
9.  Do you publicize your blog so much that people "hide" you?
Once a month on social media is a lot.  We all have tons of "friends", many networks, life, love and a "to do" list that circles the earth.  Make it regular and special.  Write often, announce on a schedule.
10. Do you even have a blog?
Not everyone has to have one but wow, they're fun.  Well-positioned, well-imagined and well-executed they are a strong tool in the business of creative.

Remember, your Blog is NOT your Diary.

It is another tool in a creative's business that needs a strong strategy, a focused purpose and practice to make it great.  Just dumping your thoughts and feelings onto the printed page is best left to your diary and hidden under your mattress.
If you want help to make your blog worth reading, email Marketing Creatives.  We love blogs.