The New Normal Begins ...

The last few months of 2011 were crushing for many.  The Great Recession has left us but in its wake is a whole lotta nothing.  Business is squirrelly, accounts are tight, people are scouting for work but not making the buy.  This leaves entrepreneurs in a tough spot.

Now what?

Keep marketing, use social media, get out there.  Over and over and over.  Yet, money is low, social media is crowded and no one wants to see you.

It will not be this way forever.  Change is always at work.  Here's where persistence, new knowledge and the ability to stay in the game are the factors that influence success.

Be persistent.

Keep your marketing out there.  Continue your follow-up.  Create new bodies of work.  Be in your creative world.

Gain new knowledge.

This is the time to learn new technologies.  Become a social media expert.  Boost SEO.  Research the business you really want, the players who can hire you and the industries that are healthy.  Do the work.

Stay in the game.  

Continue your PLAN.  When life and career are tough, this is the most important time to stay.  The best time to play.  This is your time.

The New Normal is not going away.  It will be different.  The skills you'll need will be the same -- persistence, new knowledge, staying power -- and different -- internet savvy, social tools, electronic smarts.

Get a real advantage - a Plan.