The Same and Different

Finding tools for “seeing” what makes us unique are valuable in today’s entrepreneurial world.  This one is easy to use and very effective. It enables you to know yourself more fully.

In marketing, it is More Important to be Different than to be Better.

Begin the exercise as follows: Use 1 sheet of paper, create 2 columns and title each column header "Same" on the left and "Different" on the right.

  • Create a List of Attributes:

The Same – what do you do professionally that every other person (who says they do what you do) does? List the elements all same businesses must do and be specific.

The Different – what do you do that uniquely reflects you? There will be some things that others do also, but the list will begin to expose your individuality.

  • Assemble a Profile:

From the Different list you can assemble a Profile of YOU.  It will show you how different you really are. Re-read, several times, your differences, Write a Profile of YOU that demonstrates your special qualities, talents, skills.

Need help negotiating this exercise? Most of us do. Call Marketing Creatives. This is our business and we can help you get to your Difference, fast.