What Really Matters!

Quit Excuses!The first thing that is required of every creative and entrepreneur is to completely quit excuses, accept total responsibility and get moving to try something different to get more of what YOU want.

There are a million really good reasons why you are where you are. Now make a plan to get out of there and into what you want.

Find Money! Most businesspeople understand this. Many entrepreneurs don’t. Without money, business does not happen. So go make it, borrow it, steal it or marry it.

Stop crying because you didn’t get the chance. Make the chance. And if you cannot, I am truly sorry. You’re right. It’s not fair.

When you join the marketplace, in today’s world, you don’t have time to grow into what you want to be – you have to show fully grown and well merchandised, a very expensive problem.

Get Clients! What can you do to get people – people who will become clients later – to SEE you now? To REMEMBER you?  To WANT you?  Then, to CHOOSE you?

Handing out business cards won’t cut it.  Making a list and doing a few calls won’t fill the need.  Buying mailing lists doesn’t make them your people.  FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn are tools, not The Answer.  You must have a tribe, a posse, a following, a bunch of folks who think you “hung the moon.”  Do you?

Getting clients is your forever work. Everyone Needs A Plan.