A Marathon, Not a Sprint.

As entrepreneurs in our creative world, we all find times when the opportunity appears lost. My husband, who is usually the recipient of my advice, last night offered up some insights that transformed me from momentarily miserable to ever hopeful.

I wailed, "Why should I even bother, all these other services have joined forces and they are providing a one-stop solution that appears custom.  And they're offering it to everyone!"

"I should just give up and go work for the competition," muttered low but still heard.

Then he, the amazing husband, said, "The competition is running their business and doing all they can do to get more business.  You are not them, you could offer what they're offering (and should consider it) but they do not do what you do."

They are not really custom. They are not you.

They do not have the depth and breath of your experience. They are not you.

They cannot captivate, motivate, educate and work to transform others like you do.

You have not been replaced.

Instead, you just have more company in making creative entrepreneurs’ great.

 So get to work.  

Serve your clients.

Present the ideas

that give your clients

transformational results.

"Remember, this is not a sprint, it's a marathon and there will be places in the race where others can gain on you.  That's not the finish line." Love that guy.