Create a Smart PLAN

IMAGE CREDIT: Creative Commons - Flickr user iiun

IMAGE CREDIT: Creative Commons - Flickr user iiun

Create a Smart PLAN for

being seen, remembered

and bought.

Are you “winging it” with lackluster results? Stop letting your career just happen and make a PLAN for success. When you turn your dreams into action steps, they become goals you can reach.

PLAN to be seen.

Don’t wait for your work to drift across the desk of a decision-maker. Map out the year and schedule communications. Do the research to find out who you need to be talking to and start building your network.

PLAN to be remembered.

Anyone with a smartphone app thinks they’re an artist. Demonstrate your unique talent and professionalism with consistent and eye-catching promotions. Work with professionals to give your brand a memorable identity.

PLAN to be bought. 

Follow up on your promotions with personal emails, calls or notes. Sitting by the phone waiting for the next big job isn’t going to get you amazing clients.


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