The Labs & Co. | Animal Photography + Design

We appreciated all that you invested in us. It made all the difference. And, if someone is lucky to get to work with you, they better be ready to WORK it.

The Labs&Co is an innovative photography and design+marketing company for the pet industry, taking them to a whole new, elevated level, providing gorgeous imagery of companion animals and design solutions for people, companies and causes. Born of a deep love of animals by its creators, Bill Parsons and Natalia Martinez, and a kindness to "give all" for those they serve, this company began in earnest with the same heart they display today.

It is extraordinary to realize that this dynamic business known today as The Labs & Co began only 6 years ago.  And it began as two fully separate companies while it’s talented owners/entrepreneurs, Bill and Nat, worked other jobs full time!

With talent, heart and passion leading all they do,  their vision and innovation in the world of animals is a "one of a kind."  They have created a business presence that demonstrated those qualities to the world.  And like all good stories, it had an interesting beginning.

The Challenge

Being a photography and design business is very hard work, especially when you are open to everything and not sure of what will really serve you -- big talent with lots of directions!

Bill and Nat of The Labs & Co. (previously Photo Lab Pet Photography + Design Lab Creative Studio) chose Janie Hewson and Marketing Creative's help translating all that love and beauty into an amazingly well marketed business when they first began to make a living do what they loved.

They were ready to develop their fledgling customer and commercial businesses and to show the world an authentic photographic style and branded design.  They needed materials that showed the excellence of their businesses, systems that worked for them to be seen and remembered. And, they needed to create results that let them afford to work full time doing what they loved in their own business!

The Results

Marketing Creatives worked with Nat and Bill to create a custom plan to make their goals "do-able."  They went to work building two compelling websites and all the necessary materials while we practiced skills of sales, the pitch, the systems for follow up and how to farm contacts from social media.  

Their websites and subsequent materials were only the beginning of the story. Exploring their opportunities and acting on them was exhilarating and terrifying, but absolutely necessary for attracting good clients regularly, building their reputation and working toward their goals. Their success came from a great idea, serious talent and their persistent hard work that was shown to the world.

In Their Own Words

"Once we found our path our work was to create a custom approach to get as much as possible. Essentially, we combined our efforts to create a marketing plan that was built on solid ground, with sound principles for attracting good clients regularly, while building our reputation for our future goals.

Having Marketing Creatives with us on this process made all the difference and we had so much fun even while working so hard to build our custom Plan, then take the action it needed to work and to continually evaluate our progress to our goals. She always pumped us up to tackle the work ahead :)

Hiring Janie Hewson and Marketing Creatives is the best investment you will make for your creative business. We've known her for a long time and working together was an unbelievable experience. She made us analyze and think about our business in a whole different level. We really feel Janie has been instrumental in getting our business to take shape and up off the ground.  If you're serious about your business, she's your great choice."