Paul Dimalanta | Lifestyle Automotive

Janie has a great knowledge of the creative industry and wants you to succeed. She is a partner that’s not in the office with you, but is fully invested in your success.

Paul Dimalanta is a master of lifestyle and a lover of true luxury – the luxury of things, people and life. His digital filmmaking and photography work is sexy, current and alive.  Possessing a strong work ethic and a phenomenal sense of style, he is ambitious, kind and smart and loves to work with clients who share his vision.

The Challenge 

Paul had been successfully moving his business into motion work and the world of luxury clients. Major industry shifts forced a re-evaluation of his brand and market. 

He needed to “fire up” his brand and carefully hone his market. He needed a Plan to take his career to the next level to get the luxury-brand clients he desired

The Results

The One Year Plan was key for Paul — he knew that he could change his career with a clear direction.  It took a step-by-step process to achieve his goals. 

Working with his designer to implement the strategy we created, Paul initiated a total revamp of his identity, message and website that resonates with the luxury clients he seeks. 

Finally, taking action by getting his Plan in Motion, Paul reinvented his online presence. He utilized Marketing Creatives’ social media partner and created compelling blogs, mini-campaigns and social conversations that complemented his brand strategy and enhanced relationships within his industry. 

In His Own Words

"Marketing Creatives recognized my talent and experience for storytelling.  This process helped me to understand my worth as a director/photographer and a business owner.

I was introduced to professionals who could assist my visual growth, but ultimately I was held accountable to my choices, desires and goals. Partnering with Janie ensured that I got the success I wanted by keeping my brand true and growing. Amazing!

I am still delighted, year after year, by how quickly my goals become a reality using the Real Results Program. With a solid Foundation, a specific and custom One-Year Plan, and by doing the hard work to get my Plan in Motion, I am transforming my business!"