Greg Benson | Architectural + Commercial

Marketing Creatives helped create a habit of accountability for getting my goals accomplished. This partnership made the difference.

Architecture and portraits stand at opposite ends of the photography spectrum, and that’s just how Greg Benson likes it. His ease and expertise in many areas keep him capturing the built environment and the people who create it. With a resume that includes work for architectural firms, developers, real estate professionals, major corporations as well as civic institutions, and innovators in education, science and research, Greg’s life as a commercial photographer has been a successful one.

The Challenge

Technology and economics changed the playing field and Greg decided to modernize his business. While his photography was excellent, his marketing materials were serviceable but dull.  Social media was driving big changes to marketing.  His ideas were solid but the way to interface his market had changed.  He needed to see a whole new way.

The Results

Greg went to work to learn how to innovate his business.  He sought young, creative artists that added vibrancy to his marketing materials.  He stepped out of "traditional" formal ways of interfacing with clients and began a strong and smart social communication beginning with his blog and utilizing other media to reach the "right" audience for his work. His numbers went up, year after year -- numbers of jobs, numbers of dollars and numbers of "friends!"

In His Own Words

"It took me a year to make the decision to hire Janie Hewson and Marketing Creatives.  She was compelling but I wasn't ready.

When I called again, I was more than ready and we took off. Hewson wastes no time getting to the heart of the problem(s) and then, relentlessly, steadily and with great understanding moved me to make the changes that changed my business substantially and created a renewed success and great profit.

I would have to say that part of what I value about working with Janie's Marketing Creatives is that she is an “outside person” who pushes me to work ON my business.  When I first researched her clients, before becoming one myself, I talked with her ceramic artist who said, “Janie is a real whip cracker” and I knew that accountability and motivation could help me more than anything.

Now, into our third year together, Marketing Creatives and I still have many things to work on. We get to them quickly and make amazing progress as a team.  I will be adding an entire digital filmmaking category to my services and expanding on the ways I can grow my creative. Life is good."