Kirsty Iredale | Fine Art Ceramics

Marketing Creatives holds me accountable to my dreams and has worked with me to build an amazing pottery studio business.

Talented, experienced and prolific Kirsty Iredale, Potter is reluctant to call herself an artist, though she most certainly is one!  She is a ceramicist of quiet renown who teaches pottery to all ages, produces functional and beautiful pieces and is often invited by various groups to represent art in clay.  A true artist, she is also a painter, a bird-whisperer and an advocate of the natural world that she celebrates in her functional clay art.

The Challenge

Bringing Kirsty Iredale, Potter to the world was a huge challenge for Kirsty. She is a really hard worker but she needed all the marketing and business acumen she could get.  The work of taking a business with all these facets and keeping it engaged with past, present and future students is a behemoth project.  Each year she adds different ways to engage her audience — using social media, direct mail, public appearances and joining many other enterprises to gain new followings.  And each year has had special obstacles to overcome as she builds her business.

The Results

Now she teaches year-round classes to students of all ages.  She maintains a gallery full of her creations that customers love to buy. And she participates in many area showings and demonstrations while pursuing her art.  Wow. Kirsty is a constant learner.  There is no new way to be that she doesn’t try to understand and use.  She is relentless in keeping all the balls in the air.  She is disarming as a person, motivating and inspirational as a teacher and truly a gifted potter, making her creations desired for sale.

In Her Own Words

"Being a sucker for taking on a challenge, or for trying out different options, I am often following many paths at once. Marketing Creatives has worked with me for many years, teaching me “a thing or two” at a time.  Janie works hard to keep me from being overwhelmed.  I am reminded that it takes a village and that, although I enjoy tackling all of the aspects of running my business, there aren’t enough hours in the day. 

Working on the automation of lots of marketing materials — blog releases, Facebook posts and LinkedIn updates — has freed me to teach, talk, throw, and to breathe a little. 

Learning how to be an effective “relationship-maker" keeps me sane and makes my business sweet.  I have so many friends -- from the two 5 year old students to the folks who brought their 95 year old grandfather and all the many others in between.

Keeping up my commitments to myself, my business and my life is my priority.  Marketing Creatives holds me accountable to my dreams and has allowed me to build an amazing pottery studio business."