Morahan Visuals | Stills + Motion + Effects

Janie worked with me to discover the confidence that I could do it. I will be forever grateful that we were able to do this life changing work together.

Joe Morahan is an award-winning, sports photographer, filmmaker and visual effects triple-threat.  His storytelling captures top athletes in their element, and he deftly applies the latest technologies to achieve truly unique, breathtaking results. Joe's dramatic and varied collection of editorial, commercial and advertising work have made him a worthy contender in his industry.

The Challenge

While his work was his life, Joe needed to learn how to make a real business with it. He was having trouble finding and booking jobs, in part due to his haphazard and inconsistent approach to relationship-building. His selling tools were a jumble of content, pieced together over years. He needed Marketing Creatives to help him restructure his brand with an updated, cohesive look and provide guidance that reached beyond "just" marketing.

The Results

With amazing talent, energy and commitment to doing the work, Joe was ready to make real changes to the way he was doing business. Together, we curated his massive portfolio, creating a new one that was both stellar and worthy of his art. His website, logo, language, and social media presence were transformed into the polished look they have today.

Time and energy were spent to create great Follow Up programs and increase his, already great, use of social media and promotional sponsorships. All this was tied up in a step-by-step custom One Year Plan.

In His Own Words

"I went from 'zero to hero' by hiring Marketing Creatives to help me rebuild my brand from scratch — and ultimately find my worth. 

I realized I needed help with marketing when I was working as a behind-the-scenes photographer on the set of a lot of commercials. Producers seemed to be really digging my work and the videos I was making, but I wasn't getting hired. That's when I reached out to Janie, who had been my marketing professor at Brooks Institute. 

My problems went far deeper than just a lack of marketing. My collateral materials and selling tools were a jumble. I was overwhelmed! I knew I needed a fresh look.

Marketing Creatives has one speed, and that’s FAST. It's sometimes hard to keep up with Janie, but she forces you to take ownership of your career.

Her plan is about doing the RIGHT business for you. It seemed crazy at first, but I started turning down offers for quick, local jobs with minimal pay (“hey, bro” jobs, as I call them), which ultimately opened the door for real jobs in the world of advertising and editorial.

Marketing Creatives helped me by teaching me how to make a business so I could truly live my passion!"