Lawrence Anderson | Global Architectural

Our nearly 10 year partnership has pushed the trajectory of my business — the awards, the new work, the striving to do more is exhilarating, and terrifying, but always amazing.

Sweeping high rises, modern facades, and colorful social spaces: the elements that make up Lawrence Anderson’s innovative architectural photography stretch far beyond these man-made constructions. Lawrence founded his company and produced award winning photography with many of the world’s best architecture firms.

The Challenge

Lawrence wanted to reach more of his dream clients, do more large-scale projects nationally and work regularly in the global market. He was ready to do whatever work was necessary to get to the highest level.

The Results

Working with the Marketing Creatives team, we continued to present Lawrence in new ways, threw him heavily into social media and helped him speak to his ideal clients in a way they understood.

Lawrence's energetic and hardworking approach makes a great choice to high-end clients with complicated projects to photograph. With a revamped website, branding and campaigns in place, the ideal assignments — ones that were the ideal combination of profit, prestige and publication — began to roll in from all corners of the planet.

His new website and blog focused on a shift in the industry towards including people in the spaces being photographed, which we named “Social Space.” His designer created a gorgeous print campaign around this push, featuring luxurious materials for a visual and tactile experience that Lawrence’s top-tier clients loved and remembered.

One of Lawrence’s strong suits has always been communication — in person, on the phone, by email, or social media -- he loves connecting with his clients. To focus his efforts and give purpose to his communications, we worked with our social media guru to craft blog posts, emailer blasts, and to develop social media campaigns. These new channels helped us amplify his message, elevate his reputation, and reach his ideal clients.

In His Own Words

"I first met Janie when I was a student in her marketing class at Brooks Institute. As part of an assignment in her Marketing class, we created a 5-year business plan and laid out our upcoming career goals. By the end of that plan, every one of the goals had been met, and never once had I been overwhelmed in achieving them. Several years later, as I began to plateau in my work, I thought back on that very first plan Janie had helped me create. 

I knew I needed help setting new goals to get to the next level. I needed Janie. I knew her Marketing Creatives business model worked: I had already seen my goals met, and had experienced the financial return as promised during the start of my career. 

The best type of business to me is projects you find yourself, that you go after 100% and that you WIN. It’s a combination of profit, prestige and publication.

Artists can be dreamers, but having a dose of reality can be instrumental in making it to the top of your game and industry -- Marketing Creatives effectively provides that reality check!"