Kelly Kirlin | Underwater Portraiture

Marketing Creatives helped me determine what I had, what I needed and what I wanted in my business. Then helped create the steps I needed to take to get there.

Kelly is an exceptionally talented photographer, and she was working — but not on the kind of projects that she’d dreamt about when she went to photography school.  Her real passion was underwater photography that created gorgeous fine art portraits for private clients. 

The Challenge

Although she was a pioneer in the niche field of underwater fine art portraiture, she was starting to feel the pinch of competition — a wider group of photographers were attempting to sell this work, too. She couldn't rely on reputation alone. At the time, her website was lackluster, her materials disorganized, and her follow-up was haphazard — all of which reflected her lack of strategy and “kitchen sink” approach to marketing. She needed to stand out, to be a client’s first and only choice. 

The Results

The Foundation work was critical for Kelly. It helped her clear through the noise and really focus on who she was, and what she wanted as an artist. By partnering with Marketing Creatives, she was able to create a whole new identity and developed a long-term strategy for cultivating new clients and encouraging repeat business.

Putting the One Year Plan into action, she scrapped her old website and hired a great designer to help build a new, modern site showing her work. We curated galleries, wrote a new bio, got her new portraits and created a brochure and price list so she never has to wonder again what she should charge. 

Then, with a step-by-step plan she launched a 12-month follow-up campaign, created and produced to entice existing and new clients by demystifying the process behind an underwater portrait shoot. We upgraded her social media presence using a series of campaigns that upped her visibility and brought her new connections.

In Her Own Words

"Starting my own business was certainly a process! I began with a “try everything approach" — throwing different marketing tactics at the wall to see what would stick. I needed a better way!

It was time to get dedicated and professional help, so I could start chasing clients with intelligent and targeted marketing. I turned to Janie Hewson's Marketing Creatives. Her no-nonsense approach really resonated! 

Janie is very intuitive, coaching you through the process and keeping you on track towards achieving your career goals. I needed that clear, pointed direction and point of view.

Janie helped me see that tackling my long-term goals required connecting and building on existing relationships. She showed me that it takes time to learn how to do good business but it’s a fantastic journey."

Justin Lewis | Adventure + Water Sports

Janie helped me get back on track with a one-year plan to find new clients and expand my business.

Rarely does a passion for adventure lend itself so well to a career than it does in the case of Justin Lewis. His vision translates to imagery with power, balance and beauty. His appreciation and love for nature is deeply apparent in his films and photographs and his immersive approach fills his work with detail and emotion. From water sports and lifestyle shoots, to nature films, popular stock images and undersea photography, Justin’s portfolio reflects the world as he sees it — and how many of us wish we could.

The Challenge

Justin wanted to make his heart’s work, work for him by allowing him to do what he loved and make a living doing it. He had the talent, and a portfolio overflowing with gorgeous imagery.

He'd seen success in shooting for stock photography, but with the many changes to that industry, he knew he needed to put himself out there to land more commercial assignment projects. He needed help shaping his massive body of work and learning how to get work in the new marketing arena. 

He needed a plan and someone to hold him accountable to his dreams

The Results

The Marketing Creatives' team delivered! With a hip new website, logo redesign and engaging social media presence we helped him hone his brand and his message for today's new markets.  He engaged his past, present and future clients with a strong telling of his story. Then he created his Plan to gain more visibility through strategic, coordinated marketing.

In His Own Words

"I will not tell you this process was all fun or easy. Being responsible to your choices to be in business is different than nurturing your passion. They fuel one another but they are very different animals with very different skill sets.

Marketing Creatives has amazing team members in design and social media who took the strategy we built and made it public with stories to tell past, present and future clients. Janie was relentless – reminding me that I had asked for that collaboration and accountability when we began to work together.

It was hard. It was expensive. It took time and work that I wished I didn’t have to do. But it was exactly what I needed – a new rendition of my best self.

Seeing my work in a beautiful new website was exhilarating. Creating new promotions was scary and more difficult than I thought it would be – staying true to my strategy so I could achieve my goals and make a living doing what I love proved to be very different from showing some images on FB or working on spec.

The hardest part is that this is just the beginning. Talking with Janie gets me all fired up and inspired. Marketing Creatives delivered smart consultation and strong accountability."

Greg Benson | Architectural + Commercial

Marketing Creatives helped create a habit of accountability for getting my goals accomplished. This partnership made the difference.

Architecture and portraits stand at opposite ends of the photography spectrum, and that’s just how Greg Benson likes it. His ease and expertise in many areas keep him capturing the built environment and the people who create it. With a resume that includes work for architectural firms, developers, real estate professionals, major corporations as well as civic institutions, and innovators in education, science and research, Greg’s life as a commercial photographer has been a successful one.

The Challenge

Technology and economics changed the playing field and Greg decided to modernize his business. While his photography was excellent, his marketing materials were serviceable but dull.  Social media was driving big changes to marketing.  His ideas were solid but the way to interface his market had changed.  He needed to see a whole new way.

The Results

Greg went to work to learn how to innovate his business.  He sought young, creative artists that added vibrancy to his marketing materials.  He stepped out of "traditional" formal ways of interfacing with clients and began a strong and smart social communication beginning with his blog and utilizing other media to reach the "right" audience for his work. His numbers went up, year after year -- numbers of jobs, numbers of dollars and numbers of "friends!"

In His Own Words

"It took me a year to make the decision to hire Janie Hewson and Marketing Creatives.  She was compelling but I wasn't ready.

When I called again, I was more than ready and we took off. Hewson wastes no time getting to the heart of the problem(s) and then, relentlessly, steadily and with great understanding moved me to make the changes that changed my business substantially and created a renewed success and great profit.

I would have to say that part of what I value about working with Janie's Marketing Creatives is that she is an “outside person” who pushes me to work ON my business.  When I first researched her clients, before becoming one myself, I talked with her ceramic artist who said, “Janie is a real whip cracker” and I knew that accountability and motivation could help me more than anything.

Now, into our third year together, Marketing Creatives and I still have many things to work on. We get to them quickly and make amazing progress as a team.  I will be adding an entire digital filmmaking category to my services and expanding on the ways I can grow my creative. Life is good."