No one person can bring you all you need. Here are some of the people and services with whom collaboration is a joy.

These creatives are outstanding performers in the industry who make themselves available to clients with needs that are huge and needs that are small. They are designers, filmmakers, artists, musicians, photographers, web masters and writers who work, on occasion, with The Real Results Program and assist on the journey to success. They are hired per client needs and deliver an amazing array of services.

Without the amazing talent, “get it done” attitude and sweet friendship of GV Creative’s Gina Vivona, Marketing Creatives would not be possible. GV Creative has won awards with my logo, my web design and many of my seminar materials. Gina has prodded, pushed and propelled me into a recognizable brand to my world. Many times she just held my hand as I stood paralyzed and confused, then cheered when I got up and made it happen. Great design, great colleague, great resource for, both, my clients and me. Many of Marketing Creatives’ clients have been fortunate to have the GV Creative design and an ongoing relationship with an excellent graphic designer.

Gina Vivona of GV Creative

Graphic Design + Art Direction

Social Media, no longer the little fun spot it used to be, has now replaced advertising.  It is a whole new world with all new rules for playing well and winning friends.  Diana Capella, owner of Social by Nature, is a master at creating your social media foundation and teaching you “how” it works and “how” to work it.  She can get you friends, link you to anyone, pin your best work up, create vines, gifs and a myriad of other social interactions. Having an educated grown-up — who is still young and innovative — social media maven can make all the difference in getting you the attention you want to do amazing creative business.  And as Diana says, "Let's face it: there're a million things on your mind and social media is almost never at the top of your list. Get back to doing what you love — making your customers happy while I make you social!”

Diana Capella of Social By Nature

Social Media Guru

Raess Design

Graphic Designers

Husband-wife team for over 20 years and killer designers who can find the message, sell it strong and wrap it in a great look. They are fun, thoughtful, connected to the world, lovers of great food, travel and people who make a difference. Ted is willing to debate the message until he’s sure the audience will take note and hear it. Peggy is the constant voice, using thoughtful words and darling design.  They have been great partners of Marketing Creatives. They have been great friends of mine forever ... If you work with them, they’ll be partners and great friends of yours, too.

Olaf Anderson

Multi-Media Consultant

The computer wonder boy. Deeply geeky, handsome, friendly and so freaken’ smart about how the unseen world works. He keeps my smart phone smart, he surfs, downloads, de-frags, uploads, edits, multi-media mixes, and marches to a completely different drummer than I do. He is the essential link in all that we do these days in real space and cyberspace. He is the photographer, filmmaker, multi-media person’s key to the amazing technological future possibilities. He’s a delight to have around. He’s an invaluable resource to me and Marketing Creatives.

A computer wonder person. She is wonderful, doggy-loving, friendly and so freakin’ smart about how the unseen world works. She also keeps my smart phone smart and computer purring, while marching to that completely different drummer. She is essential link teaching me new tricks and practicing ways to stay current. She is another invaluable resource to me, several clients and Marketing Creatives.

Shannon Dvgbig

Computer Geek + Film Editor Extraordinare

This man is amazing and has been mine for 26 years. A major talent as a filmmaker, photographer, art director and designer, Viktor has been my constant supporter. He is kind, funny and deeply devoted to my success. When my Marketing Creatives' clients need an assist with style, design, film or photography, Viktor is their guide. He is always available to his clients, our friends and my clients. He is a true find in today’s world. Lucky me. Perhaps, lucky you.

Viktor Budnik

Filmmaker + Photographer + Art Director

A former client and continuing collaborator, Christy is a phenomenally talented retouching professional. Her personal style is monumental. Her approach is easy and smart. She is available to Marketing Creatives' clients to do their work – website design, photography and outstanding retouching – or to teach them to do it themselves.

The owner of My Marketing Message is a beautiful Irish woman who writes creatively for a living. Maggie is a word treasure. She has written content for several Marketing Creatives' clients and her words (or edits) have been read on websites, blogs and marketing materials. Her command of the King’s English is solid and lyrical. Her prices are fair and she is timely in delivery, making her a great choice for many of my clients who find words way more difficult than pictures!

Maggie Dennison

Copy Writer for a New Age

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Leslie Westerbrook


There are many other, amazing talents and lovely people who have contributed to my “team.” As they enter my world (and the world of my clients) I will feature them here so you too can know their talent, personalities and work.

Should you want the opportunity to work with Marketing Creatives' clients, please drop me an email. I love to meet people who contribute to entrepreneurial business.

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